A healthier future for sustainable food

We are Terra Bio, an innovative Canadian company that is reimagining a healthier future for the world by making foods more sustainable.

We’re improving the world’s food security by producing a plant-based protein created from spent grain – a widely accessible resource.

Introducing Protina

The World’s Most Sustainable Protein​

Protina is a sustainable plant-based protein that is produced from spent grains. Our innovative process transforms the unused part of the grain from beer manufacturing into the functional 100% vegan protein – thus replacing the need for soy and pea protein in meat and dairy replacements. Our processes require no additional farmland, energy, or water!

The Terra Difference

Traditional plant-based proteins are derived mainly from soybean and pea. Their production process requires extensive farmland and excessive amounts of energy and water to meet the increasing global demand.

Terra Bio has developed a ground breaking process to secure food supply using a highly sustainable approach.

1) Up-cycling Spent Grain 

2) Eco-friendly Protein Conversion

3) Versatile Ingredient

Traditional Process

icons Traditional Process

TerraBio Process​

Icons-terrabio process

Our raw material is spent grains from breweries that are found in almost every country on earth. This means that we can take advantage of short, robust and locally oriented supply chains. Spent Grain is also produced by breweries throughout the year – a steady source of raw material year-round, and at a price that remains constant regardless of the season!

Every step of the Terra process is designed to be scalable. Spent grain is a widely available commodity – the worldwide production in 2020 was estimated to be 40 million tonnes.

In addition, our eco-friendly process uses equipment and raw materials commonly available in food and bio-based industries.
All of this means that our process can be rapidly scaled-up and can easily be transferred to new sites.

Our nose-to-tail philosophy means that our products are derived from food materials that were used to their full potential. We require no additional farming land or water resources for our products, which are produced using an environmentally friendly process.

Our Expert Team

Our diverse team consists of  innovators and bioengineers with over 10 years of experience in taking processes from lab-scale to production–scale and looking for new challenges.

Steve George​

CEO & Co-Founder

Steve holds holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. Steve has over 13 years of experience taking processes from the bench to pilot scales. As CEO of Terra Bio, Steve is driven by opportunities to make a meaningful contribution towards a sustainable future.

Ricardo Martinez

President & Co-Founder

Ricardo is a Bioprocess Engineer with a Master’s in Chemical Engineering. He has over 10 years of experience in optimization and scaling up bioprocesses at commercial scales. Ricardo has a drive to challenge conventional process to find sustainable solutions.

Kajan Srirangan

Marketing Lead & Investor VP

Kajan holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering as well as an MBA. Kajan has over 10 years of experience in both marketing and product commercialization within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Like his colleagues at Terra Bio, Kajan strives to develop sustainable solutions applying the principles of the circular economy and working in harmony with nature.

Amy Davidson

Design Lead

Amy holds a Bachelor’s from the York/Sheridan Program in Graphic Design. Amy is a multidisciplinary designer dedicated to producing engaging, effective, and human-centred design solutions. Amy specializes in brand identity and digital strategy, and her underlying goal is to create meaningful experiences towards an accessible future.

Rob Koller

Technical Lead

Rob has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. His experience in process optimization and data analysis inspires him to seek improvement in all aspects of life.

Ben George

Technical Lead

Ben holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, and has over 5 years of R&D and industrial experience optimizing bioprocesses with ground breaking and out of the box solutions.

Rebecca Bradley

Outreach & Marketing Coordinator

Rebecca is pursuing a Master’s in Biotechnology and has a bachelor’s in Biology and Plant science. She has collaborated with start-ups to bring creative technical and marketing perspectives while transitioning to commercialization. She believes that scientific innovations represent solutions and translating these solutions into a brand is powerful.

Arushi Sharma

Technical & Product Coordinator

Arushi holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Biotechnology and has over 6 years of experience in Quality and Marketing within the FMCG industry.  She has an aspiration to implement sustainable approaches and create positive social as well as environmental impact in everyone’s lives.

Carlos Zarate

Food Engineering Lead

Carlos holds a Bachelor’s in Food Engineering and has 3 years of experience in the design, execution and supervision of industrial food processes. Carlos has an entrepreneur passion as well, as he is the co-owner and chef of a food-service business in México’s City. His passion of food and innovation drives him to find natural and alternative solutions towards a self-sustaining way of eating.

Our Collaborators

Terra Bio is collaborating with key institutions that provide mentorship and resources for our technology and market readiness.